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We help build products that will bring bitcoin to the masses

The Bitcoin Product Community helps drive high-impact FOSS and commercial projects within the bitcoin ecosystem by creating a space for people to network, share ideas, seek feedback, and develop skills.

We believe this kind of collaboration can lead to greater talent recruitment, resource allocation, and fundraising efforts across the ecosystem. Ultimately, we want to see bitcoin cross the chasm (i.e. reach the masses) and become the best kind of money.

Who we are.

As bitcoin product contributors, we embody bitcoin’s decentralization ethos and do the work needed to push the project across the finish line. Our roles vary and depend on a project’s needs, ranging from comms to marketing, business development to product management, UX to testing, and, yes, design and development.

That sounds like me.

If you're looking to get involved with a bitcoin project and aren't sure where to start, join us on Discord and find our work on GitHub.

From there, you can help discover, define, and prioritize problems for the community to tackle, get involved in a project, and join our bi-weekly community calls.

What it takes to build a better bitcoin.

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